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Take your next event to the next level of hospitality by reserving one of our unique draught beer trailers! Our trailers are great for company outings, fairs, carnivals, or any gathering requiring bulk dispensing of beer. Trailers are completely refrigerated to keep kegs cool and ensure draft beer is served at optimal temperatures for optimal refreshment. We deliver and pick up the vehicle at your site, as well as prepare it for dispensing. A temporary permit from the State Liquor Authority is required, please reference the NYSLA website for more information. There is a trailer usage fee predicated on the order quantity.

See below for additional information and other special equipment we offer.

Request Procedures

If your event qualifies for a Refrigerated Draught Trailer, you must provide WBD with the following:

  • Temporary License or Special Event Permit issued by the New York State Liquor Authority (in most cases)
  • A Certificate of Insurance providing the insurance coverage and in the amounts set forth in Section 4 of the Rental Agreement, naming WBD as an “additional Insured.”
  • Draft trailer rental fees: 15 or less barrels is $350.00 — 16 or more barrels is $200.00.
  • A Purchase Order for the beverages to be dispensed.
  • A Purchase Order for any additional optional items.
  • A signed copy of WBD’s Refrigerated Trailer Rental Agreement
Rental Procedure: Qualifying for Draught Trailer

To determine if your Special Event qualifies for a Refrigerated Draught Trailer please contact the designated individual for the County in which your event will occur. Please include the following in your email:

  • Name and address of the Organization or individual(s) hosting the Event.
  • Event Name and Specific Location
  • Duration of the Event
  • Requested Delivery Date & Time
  • Contact information

NOTE: We request a minimum of thirty (30) days notification prior to your Event.

Event Support Contact Persons

Securing a NYSLA License or Permit

You may be required to obtain a Temporary License or Special Event Permit from the New York State Liquor Authority if you intend to serve and/or sell alcoholic beverages from the Trailer or other dispensing units. You should access the NYSLA website to determine whether your Event will require a Temporary License or Special Event Permit and for instructions on how to obtain the document.

  • Please click here to access the NYSLA website to obtain the Temporary License or Special Event Permit and to review the NYSLA policies and procedures concerning alcoholic beverages.
  • All Licenses and Permits must be emailed to the respective WBD County contact person referenced above at least seven (7) days prior to your Event.
  • Each Trailer must have a Temporary License or Special Event Permit (Multiple Trailers will require a separate License or Permit for each Trailer). No Trailer will be delivered without a valid NYSLA License or Permit.
  • You should also obtain from the County any local permits that are required for your Event.
  • If products purchased from WBD are NOT being sold at your Event, the Lessee of the Trailer must sign a Not for Resale Affidavit form.
  • Only products purchased from WBD may be dispensed from the Trailer.

NOTE: A signed copy of (1) the WBD Refrigerated Trailer Rental Agreement; (2) the required Certificate of Insurance, and (3) all required Licenses or Permits must be submitted to WBD a minimum of seven (7) days prior to the date that you will require the Trailer to be delivered to the location of the Event. No Trailer will be delivered by WBD unless all required documents are received by WBD at least seven (7) days prior to the proposed delivery date.

Placing the Order
  • Beverage Product Orders must be placed at least seven (7) days prior to the delivery date.
  • Delivery window: AM deliveries (8am – Noon) PM deliveries (Noon – 4pm)
  • Pick-up by WBD of the Trailer will be on the next business day following the end of the special event, unless otherwise agreed to by WBD. Additional charges will be applied for after hours and weekend pick ups.
Draft Trailer Equipment and Optional Items
      • C02, Beer Gas, tap handles, and keys (for security) are provided with the Draught Trailer. All of these items must be returned clean and undamaged upon pickup. A $50 charge will be assessed for each missing or unclean item.
      • The following additional Optional Items may be available upon request:
        • Kiosk – $500.00 each (deposit only)
        • Portable Dispensing Unit – $500 each (deposit only)
        • Air Tank – $80 deposit, +$10 tank usage fee
        • Plastic Cups – $4 per sleeve (50 count), $80 per case (1000 count) for most brands
        • Plastic Barrels – $55 each (deposit only)
      • All vehicles require electricity. A standard 110v plug with a minimum 20 amp-dedicated breaker is required. The plug cannot be located more than 75’ from the refrigerated trailer. Only the electrical cords supplied with the Trailer may be used. No extension cords are to be used.

Forms & Docs

Rental Agreement

Not for Resale Form

Trailer Rental Operating Procedures

Beer & Cider Credit Calendar

Wine & Spirits Credit Calendar

Credit Application

Are You Ready to Bring your Event to the Next Level?

Once you have received your Temporary License or Special Event Permit from the NYS Liquor Authority, please email or fax the following documents to your WBD County representative. Must be at least seven (7) days prior to the required Trailer delivery date:

  • The NYSLA License or Permit
  • Any required county permits to provide the WBD beverages at your Event
  • The completed Rental Agreement
  • The effective Insurance Certificate
  • Tender of payment in full for any for the purchases and the non-refundable Trailer Rental Fee (15 or less barrels is $350.00 — 16 or more barrels is $200.00). Deposits for any Optional Items are available as requested.

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